Comet 3 Development Tool

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We are no ordinary Development Tool.

Our Development Tool has qualities to it that you won't find on other Development Tools.

Customizable UI

We believe in the fun of Customizing. This is why Comet allows you to add Colors and Local Profiles to the UI.

Execution that Excels

Our Team has worked hard to make Comet 3 Powerful. With support for 120+ Functions & UNC Support.

Scriptblox Integration

The biggest User-Generated Script Library is integrated in Comet 3. You can find thousands of scripts easily.

Quick Panel

With the Quick Panel, you get to make changes to the Game you're on easily. Letting you test quickly.

Not easy to get Banned

Comet is protected against most (if not all) security vulnerabilities and detection methods.

Commitment to R&D

Since our Release in 2021. We kept making considerable improvements that improve the Comet Experience.

Market Leading Performance

Our Commitment to Research & Development has allowed us to lead in many areas compared to competitors.

Injection Speed

Competitor : 4:27s max 

Comet 3 : 2:61s max

* These Results were produced by Supercomet Technology using an unnamed competitor.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Have a Question? We are happy to answer!

Comet is a Safe Program. If you are worried about running Comet. You can manually read our code with DNSpy. Comet is not obfuscated at all. If you want to download DNSpy, download it from the Button below.

Download DNSpy

Comet is Flagged as a Virus because it injects a DLL into a Game in order to make changes to it. This works similarly to some actual viruses. But in the case of Comet, you have control over when you want to Inject the DLL, and what you want to do after Injecting the DLL

Comet will support more Scripts over time as we add more functions to the DLL, which will allow it to run more scripts!

Comet is usually not detected by Games. When it is, we will make our best attempt to notify the User as fast as possible.

If you have a Problem with Comet, you can go to our Discord Server for help. If you want to Join the Discord Server, press the button down below.

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