Supercomet Technology

Comet 2 Arctis

Beautifully designed

Lua Scripting System.

Powerful in every way.

What makes Comet 2 a great option?

Beautiful Design

Comet 2 Arctis is designed beautifully around the Guidelines of Arctis UI 1.0. Comet 2 Arctis is designed around personality and simplicity.


Comet 2 Arctis is designed to allow you to show your personality. With 16.5 million color RGB Accents, Profile Picture, Username, and Textbox Picture. Comet allows you to show yourself.

Scripts at your Fingertips

Our Cloud Scripts window allows you to find, search, and favorite your scripts for convenient execution. No need to search around for a script that suits you.

Incredible Power

Comet 2 Emphasis on Power makes Comet 2 incredibly powerful. It's Custom DLL and hundreds of Functions allow Comet to run 97% of scripts currently available.


We are dedicated to making Comet undetectable. Using various techniques and our willpower, we are Unexpected Client 268 Proof and we plan to stay that way.


Unlike most Custom DLL Scripting Utilities whom only last a few months before dying. Comet has been able to go over any challenge thrown to us.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

No, and since Comet is not obfuscated, you can even read Comet Code itself using DNSpy and check if it is a virus or not. If you want to download DNSpy, download it from the button below.

Download DNSpy

The nature of programs like Comet makes it easy for Antiviruses to falsely flag us as such. Injecting into Programs is an action some viruses do make. But in this case, you have control over when you want to Inject into the program.

Yes, Overtime we will add more functions that will allow us to run harder-to-run scripts.

Yes, we're considering some new features like Themes.